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The English Major at BYU-Hawaii

The English major is designed to provide an encounter with the humanizing forces of English and American literature and the English language. As an important focus in the tradition of the liberal arts, the study of English will produce graduates more conscious of themselves, their nature, their society, their values, their traditions, and their language.

What can you do with an English degree?

The answer is anything you want. The possibilities are endless. Over half of all English majors pursue careers or graduate degrees in areas seemingly unrelated to the study of literature. The Bachelor of Arts degree in English also prepares students to pursue numerous career possibilities in such fields as communications, publications, library science, and education. An undergraduate degree in English also serves as excellent preparation for law school and graduate programs in business or public administration. Many graduate schools seek potential candidates for admission who possess liberal arts backgrounds and the analytical and writing abilities that an English major or minor develops.

Requirements for a degree in English

English majors will take 41 hours of literature courses beyond the standard general education requirements. Students will learn to think, analyze, and write. Students will complete three semesters in a foreign language of their choice. Non-native speakers of English may use English as their foreign language. A minor in English requires 21 hours from a list of required and optional courses.

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